Term & Conditions:

  • We are working in two part Ist: Public Relation Officer (PRO ) for you — IInd : as an Administration for us
  • Any Authorized Letter/Banner/Card will be issued by company only after completing your Branch Process of Fees & Documentation & Company Affidavit.
  • If you are not regular with your business in Taxing solutions for 6 months than your code will be hold
  • Our company will not pay any type of Courier and Post & D.D. Charges.
  • If your cheque dishonored amount of 250/- to 450/- will be deducted from your branch wallet.
  • T.D.S Deduction in Your Commission is compulsory. (Is According to Work)
  • Services will be issued to branch according to area and goodwill & work profile.
  • Company will not pay any of your office and shop rent & your any employee salary
  • Company will not pay any of your telephone and internet expenses.
  • Branch opening amount is neither refundable nor transferable.
  • During training time Breakfast /Lunch/Dinner will be provided as Accommodation by the company but not transportation.
  • While training time only a person will be allowed for training from one destination and for extra person please Contact trainer for further information.
  • After training within 24 hours your online code will be issued.


Taxing solutions Agency Acquisition Roadmap

The Agency Holder Is Required to Complete the below stated steps for the acquisitions of Taxing solutions Agency and its Smooth Functioning

  1. STEP
    • Obtain the Pin NO. From The Branch Distribution Authority which will be sent to your registered mobile number through this PIN Number,  you will be able to fill up online form available on our website http://taxingsolutions.in
  2. STEP
    • While filling up the online form a clear scanned copy of all the documents mentioned in the checklist has to be attached along with the branch fee payment details.
  3. STEP
    • The original Branch Opening from affidavit passport size photographs and al the self-attested documents (as per checklist points1-9) along with the payment details have to send in hard copy to the Taxing solutions Head Office on the Below Mentioned address.
    • TAXING SOLUTIONS, 356 Gram Sabha Rohini Extension Setor 23 Delhi-110086
  4. STEP
    • Within 24 working hours of receiving the documentation and the payment details by you and the verification thereof, you will receive a temporary Branch Proposal Code through which you can track you proposal/ application status.
  5. STEP
    • As soon as all the documents are received in the HQ and verified, you will be provided the original branch Code.
  6. STEP
    • You can get the online Training From The Company
  7. STEP
    • After the online training you can attend 2 days interview training session at the company HQ and Appear in the assessments.
  8. STEP
    • Within 15 days of submitting form 9, you will receive the company stationary advertisement material along with the Authentication certificate which will allow you properly in a long term with taxing solutions.

Facilities A Branch Will Get From The Company: –

  • Training Will Be Given On Friday -Saturday.
  • All Training Material Like C/D, Question & Answer Sheet, Folder And Training Book Will Be Provided.
  • Before Starting The Work in Taxing solutions All Essential like Ads Materials, Brochure, Visiting Card, Banner, Sticker Will Be Given according To the Counter Work in Fix Quantity Only once and Next Time You have to Purchase it from Company.
  • Stationary for Working Account Form, Pan Card Form and Other Important Forms. Provided By Company According To Work and On Work Order
  • Identity Card.
  • Working Certificate
  • Training will be provided for Income Tax, TDS Refund, TDS Deposit, Sales Tax, VAT, Goods & Service Tax, Other Tax, Registration, Other Products etc.
  • We are providing [TAXING SOLUTIONS] Logo for working which is Registered Trade Mark Logo.


Documentation & Payment: –

Document of Branch Opening:

  • Passport Size Photographs (4)
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • 50/- or Above Rs Stamp for Affidavit
  • Bank Details
  • Registration Fees

Registration Fees as per the Branch Opening:-

Rs. 2100 /- + 18% GST ==> Total = Rs. 2478/-

Rs. 21000 /- + 18% GST ==> Total = Rs. 24780/-

Payment Modes: –

Cheque or Demand Draft in favor of “AV TAXING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, DELHI”

Online Payment and Direct Deposit in Company Bank Account